"The purpose of a business is to create a customer"

- Peter Drucker

Author Heather Guimond

Author Heather Guimond had spent months trying to build her website through an online editor; but unfortunately, without the proper coding skills, getting an image to properly position according to the browser, screen size, etc. is very difficult, if not impossible. This is why Heather, a Californian self-published author of the romance series “Perfection”, reached out to us. The vision she had of what she wanted was very clear, therefor our job of building this simple yet darkly romantic website came easy.

Built to Author Heather Guimond‘s requirements, this website consists of just 3 Pages with the exact content and information she wanted her visitors to have. Intrigued? Well, click on to her website and why not, venture into Mimi Bishop’s world!