"The purpose of a business is to create a customer"

- Peter Drucker

Booktique Editing

Booktique Editing is owned by Nicki Kuzn, an exceptional human being who specializes in editing and absolutely loves each and every job she takes on. The story of how she became our client is one that many of you may identify with: Her original website was built by a young individual who indirectly sequestered her online presence by having all forms of communication go through him. Without access to edit and/or make changes, and with multiple failed attempts of contacting this person, Nicki eventually decided it was time for a change, and to be in control.

Nicki contacted DWA mid 2016, and we immediately moved forward and built for her this elegant, modern and beautiful website. We took care of the coding and all other “behind the scene” aspects of web development and delivered an online presence that she now self manages through very easy steps, and updates at her own pace.

As with most of our clients, the business relationship with Booktique Editing remains ongoing, and we are glad that Nicki can modify her site with great confidence and the reassurance that DWA is always available to guide and help her anytime she needs.