"The purpose of a business is to create a customer"

- Peter Drucker

Damn Cigarettes!

Who says there is such thing as “too crazy” of an idea to bring to life?

Damn Cigarettes is the perfect example of the greatness about thinking outside the box. This business sends a “Damn Cigarette Bottle” to the person of your choice with a message. You may remain anonymous if you choose to, and send as many as you wish.

A perfect example of a clean e-commerce website, our client needed a store with the capability of customizing every step of the process. Character limits, cart quantity limited to one per transaction, ability to upload a photo on for certain products, mandatory shipping fields and more.

Damn Cigarettes was done in WordPress with a completely customized and unique design. No pre-made theme was used here. Each element was hand coded.

This is a great example of how WordPress can be a great tool that not only allows great unique designs but also delivers a simple to manage dashboard so the client may self-manage simple updates, adding new products, etc. without being forced to pay a developer for basic things. After all, not everyone can budget a webmaster on monthly basis.

Did you check out their logo? Yep, we designed it too!