"The purpose of a business is to create a customer"

- Peter Drucker

Handicapped SCUBA Association

Here is (to me) an interesting story: Back in 2011 I took a SCUBA Course for people with disabilities (yes, I’m a “bit glitchy” due to an accident, but more on that in my bio). I got my Open Water Certification in August of that same year. Funny thing is, learning to dive also opened the doors to amazing friendships and outstanding business opportunities, such as this one when in 2014 the very Agency that certifies people with disabilities was in dire need of new perspectives and an “out of the box” individual with various coding skills who had the desire to be part of a change.

My relationship with The Handicapped SCUBA Association at first was as a front-end developer who provided a new and highly improved layout for their existing website. As time went by, Jim Gatacre (Founder and still President of this amazing Non-Profit Agency) found himself in need for a permanent web developer and administrative assistant to handle HSA’s website and other matters. Bringing me on-board as a permanent developer late 2014.

Since then and to this day, I continue making improvements to this HUGE website which includes a store that integrates with a membership module of different categories. In our hands (HSA’s and DWA’s) now lays the ambitious project of rebuilding the entire back-end to meet current standards, adapt to today’s technologies and have a better UI.

This Agency is very dear to me as well, and I look forward to re-developing the complex code that makes it possible for The Handicapped SCUBA Association to allow purchases, registrations and multiple access levels for members among other features to professionals and SCUBA divers worldwide.